How to care for String of Pearls: 8 tips

Senecio Rowleyanus aka String of Pearls - beautifully succulent, infinitely captivating.

We decided to share our essential plant-care tips for the String of Pearls, not only because we believe the world is winning when the Pearls are thriving, but also because so many of you poor souls struggle to keep them alive! 

'My pearls rotted!', 'My pearls deflated!'

If you're anything like us, you heard about the trials of caring for Senecio Rowleyanus and you wanted to run a mile in the opposite direction. 

Don't worry, help is on the way!  

True, String of Pearls can be tricky to care for and we would say there are a number of small things necessary to consider when caring for this beauty.  

However, once you've got these basic tips under control, it won't be long before you'll be giving Rapunzel a run for her money! 

If we can make our String of Pearls thrive, then you can too.


Get our beautiful Hexagon Planter - pictured belowor by clicking HERE!  

We think our Hexagon Planter is perfect because of those contrasting colors of white and black compliment the strong, vibrant green of the pearls in such a unique way. 

It really makes for a stunning display wherever you choose to house your pearls. Not to mention the way they drape over the white vessel and as this planter is elevated the pearls hangover creating this lovely look below, so you don't have to display them on an elevated surface like a bookshelf of wall shelf to get that beautiful draping look. 


String of pearls hexagon planter black

8 essential tips to a healthy Senecio Rowleyanus: 

1. Keep on a windowsill - The String of Pearls loves the light and even does well in direct sunlight during the winter months (U.K. perspective). Be cautious of giving too much direct sun during summer.

2. Keep away from heaters - if you have radiators or wood burners in your home, do NOT place the Pearls on the fire mantlepiece, but be sure to keep them a few meters away from direct heat so the Pearls don't dry out.

3. Don't plant too deeply - Senecio Rowleyanus has shallow roots. If you have a young String of Pearls, pot it into a small-sized pot. We planted our baby Pearls into our Earth Planter (as pictured) where it is thriving and still has plenty of room for growth.

4. Only water when the top dries out - some of your String of Pearls have drowned, some have died of thirst. Only water your Pearls once the top layer of soil has dried out. On average, we water ours twice a week maximum (this may increase during the summer months depending on how quickly the soil dries out).  

5. Don't over-water - The String of Pearls has shallow roots and doesn't require excessive amounts of water in one go, but rather a little and often (twice a week). As soon as you see drops of water draining from the bottom of your pot, you can stop watering.

6. Use cactus soil - The String of Pearls does not like moist conditions but prefers good drainage. Using cactus soil will provide good drainage and prevent rotting.

7. Drainage hole - make sure your plant pot has a drainage hole so that the roots don't sit in water. Again, String of Pearls needs good drainage!

8. Propagate for backup - String of Pearls is easily propagated. Simply snip off a lock measuring roughly 8 pearls long, plant 4 pearls down into a small plastic pot with drainage and watch it grow. Allow the babies to root for at least 3 months before transferring to a larger pot. 


Please comment and share your String of Pearls progress and tips below! 

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Can i grow string of pearls in the bathroom in a glass pyramid

Debbie June 30, 2019

I saw a tip that string of hearts like to be pinned down. I’m doing direct light with watering twice a week in a small pot. Much better results. I also took hair pins and pinned them down like a messy hair bun. It’s probably the direct light and watering, but I think given the shallow roots the pins may help a little.

Jamie June 30, 2019

I am trying to find a string of pearls for a new hanging planter I have, but I have not found one as yet. But I will keep looking as this new planter I have just cries for String of Perls .

Phyllis Donnelly June 30, 2019

Hello! I’m curious if anyone has propagated their pearls using individual, healthy pearls with no stem. If so, what is the best method to go about it?

sabrina June 30, 2019

My pearls have been outside for two months and now have lovely little white flowers. I have now moved to the bathroom hanging from ceiling near ligh. See how the go.t

Jilk August 03, 2018

i have had my string if pearls for two months. it is outside in shaded area. it has not grown at all! what am i doing wrong?

Judy maharrey July 27, 2018

I would just love to know where to get a string!! I’ve no5 seen them for sale anywhere!! I’d love to find some!! lol!!

Joni June 17, 2018

Thank you so much. The first time proper info. Hope I can save my string.

Millie June 03, 2018

Average to dry humidity in the room is best but not too important for String of Pearls. In summer, room temperature should be around 20-26 degrees celsius. in winter, 13-17 degrees celsius

Miss Geometric April 05, 2018

What about temperatures, humidity? Mine do well all winter then when I put them on my covered porch they go down hill fast. (Zone 8 AL)

Deborah April 03, 2018

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