Plant Hangers


It started

with a dream

Plants and interior design had always been a passion of ours and that passion led to a burning desire to create our own brand. We had always dreamt of launching own store, 2016 became the year of planning. 

now is the time

to launch

2017 was the year we launched The Geometric Planter, with all our hard work and preparation finally paying off and armed with the best selection of geometric planters from worldwide artisans, it was time to turn our dream into a reality. 

we couldn't be happier

the journey

It's been an incredible year here at The Geometric Planter, we've shipped hundreds of our planters and accessories all over the world and received so much great feedback along the way. Now we are committed to achieving our dream of seeing a beautiful plant collection in everyone home. 

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Tip of the month

Stick your finger in the soil. If it feels moist, then don’t water it!


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