9 Creative Ways to Stylize Your Tillandsias

Tillandsias, popularly known as air plants, are a truly fascinating variety of houseplant.

They thrive and bloom without the need of soil – a special trait that makes them perfect for easy indoor gardening.

Not only are they one of the most low-maintenance plants available, they also make the perfect partner for gorgeous ornaments in your home.

Its simplicity and lightness in structure make the tillandsia a flexible plant to style with and with so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start with stylizing your Tillandsias, that’s why we are going to break down some of the most interesting ways to display them.

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How To Care For Tillandsias

In general, tillandsias only require minimal moisture and sunlight, but it differs between its many varieties. Although the Tillandsia has roots, it only serves as a support when attaching itself on a mount or host plant.

Tillandsias are hardy plants, but they still require some TLC to make sure they stay healthy and vibrant.

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Here are some things to remember when caring for your tillandsia:

Image from: http://www.warmhotchocolate.com/2015/02/22/air-plants-care-styling/

  1. Tillandsias should be placed somewhere that receives adequate sunlight.
  2. If they’re placed in a humid environment, an occasional misting will suffice.
  3. If they’re placed indoors with a dry atmosphere, submerge the plants in water for 2-3 hours at least every two weeks.

The tillandsia’s versatility allows for endless possibilities on how you can use it as an ornament for your living space – there’s no wonder how its become such a popular indoor plant!

Styling Your Tillandsia

If you’re interested in stylizing your Tillandsia, we’ve found nine creative ways on how to style these gorgeous plants:

  1. Tillandsia Holders 

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Spruce up your desk space with these sleek geometric metal holders that are specifically designed for styling your small Tillandsia.

Its trendy minimalist design makes it an artsy centerpiece while giving way for the air circulation your plants need to thrive.

  1. Seashells

Tillandsia styled in a shell magent

Harness the beauty of the oceans by using seashells as wall planters for your tillandsia!

Thanks to the plant’s portability, you can let loose and come up with unique styles with the diverse shapes and sizes of seashells you can find.

You can also use empty snail shells lying around in your garden. 

  1. Geometric Tillandsia Hanger

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If you’re looking to achieve a beautiful atmosphere with your tillandsias, these stylish geometric hanging planters will look great mounted on your wall or suspended from your ceiling.

These hangers come in different styles and colors to choose from, so feel free to mix and match as you please!

4. Wreaths 

Tillandsias styled in a christmas wreath

The Tillandsia attaches well on its host, especially if it’s another plant.

This makes the tillandsia a great addition to a wreath made from dried twigs - Christmastime or not.

These wreaths can be decorated purely with Tillandsia or mixed with various items and plants as per your preference.

  1. Cork Magnets

Tillandsias styled in a cork magnet

Better think twice before you throw out any of your old wine corks, because they can be repurposed as crafting items!

Recreate these adorable refrigerator magnets by gluing a magnet on a wine cork. Afterwards, carve a hole big enough to fit a miniature tillandsia comfortably.

These will instantly add some pizzazz to your refrigerator!

  1. Terrariums

Tillandsias styled in a terrarium

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Terrariums are always a great way to introduce some greenery indoors.

With tillandsia, you can create a lightweight and low-maintenance terrarium alongside other dry plants.

With many different styles to choose from and various trinkets you can add, designing your own terrarium is never boring!

  1. Vintage Objects

tillandsia syled in a vintage object

No need to throw away your old things – virtually anything can make for a great planter, especially something that adds some character and nostalgia to your garden.

Repurpose your old toys or vintage objects by simply cutting a hole big enough to fit your desired Tillandsia. This way, your old things won’t get too ‘soiled’ as well, since the tillandsia doesn’t need it to survive.

  1. Wall Cage

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This geometric wall cage is an elegant way to display your prized tillandsia.

Styling these is just as easy as inserting the tillandsia in the cage, making sure that it doesn’t fall off.

This sleek modern style is definitely on trend, and will look good on any blank wall!

  1. Glass Wall Planters 

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Turn a plain blank wall into a stunning attraction with these rhombus-shaped glass wall planters.

You can house a variety of plants in these planters, including the lightweight tillandsia, which a stunning choice for these planters, the glass being completely see-through creates an incredible contrast, perfectly complimenting each other.

The simplicity of the glass planters will allow you to decorate as you please – and with the different types of tillandsia you can style with, there are no limits to what your creativity can do!

These are just a few potential ways can get creative with styling your tillandsias – these are versatile and hardy plants, so there are really no limits as to how you can style them into your home.

And although tillandsias are relatively low-maintenance plants, you should still make sure to give them as much care as you would give to other plants!

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